Building Websites

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My aim is to create websites as a platform with minimal mingling in the web languages. The use case determines the required framework.

Display Static Content

Here, I want to have files that can be visualized directly on any browser without relying on any environment setup. Each consumer should see a mostly identical output. Those sites are lean, secure, and generally simple. In the past, I have not overly enjoyed creating and maintaining such sites, which was the reason for me looking into it.
My goal is to set the page up once and from then on only worry about the content anymore.

Painpoint: Repetitive code

The subpages will contain repetitive code, such as the header or navigation. To avoid the need to adjust all files when changing one of those elements, a static site generator comes in handy. Eleventy lets us create templates and generates the final static webpage with all its html-files.

Painpoint: HTML

When writing my mind, I don't do that directly as HTML. Eleventy allows us to have markdown files as raw, content input for our webpages.

Painpoint: CSS/JavaScript

Placing all the individual boxes of a website in the right place for multiple browsers, and screen resolutions and keeping it up to date with the latest developments can quickly start consuming time. Bootstrap massively simplifies this by offering dynamic design templates.


We have identified two packages that help us resolve most of the pain points. npm manages packages for JavaScript/node.js similarly to the way poetry or setuptools do for Python projects. The dependencies are stored in package.json. To create the dependencies run

npm init -y
npm install @11ty/eleventy --save-dev

Generate HTML files

npx @11ty/eleventy

Start up a local web server that hot-reloads the page

npx @11ty/eleventy --serve


As the website is fully static, it can be freely hosted e.g. on GitHub pages. With GitHub workflows, we can even host it on a specific git action like a push on the master branch.

This website is the result of this evaluation. Feel free to check out its source code on github.

Dynamic Websites

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